Friday, January 1, 2010

Off to a Good Start

We decided on the fly today to go visit mg parents in Eastern Kentucky for the weekend since Christmas was so rushed and we had to stay in a hotel because no one had power, etc.

So, it's nothing for me to leave on a week's vacation with a sink full of dishes, food and garbage sitting out, a messy house and dirty bathroom. I know some of you would rather die than leave for any period of time with your house in such disarray, but it's nothing for me.

But today, I'm requiring more of myself, so I cleaned the kitchen, swished and swiped the bathroom, picked the toys up off the floor and straightened the pillows and got myself ready, red lipstick and all.

I plan on taking a 30 minute walk later on today. Check out my other blog to see my food and exercise journal. (please forgive all this underlining...I'm not sure why it's doing this)

So here are pics of my relatively clean house...yay me!

I know Fly Lady insists that you shine your sink before bed each night, but shining up this stove makes me smile a whole lot more...have I mentioned that having a smooth top stove is a pain in the butt?!

So here I am all ready to go! I am not a natural beauty ya'll. I definitely benefit from a little "paint on the barn" if you know what I mean...see the difference (and I used a full body shot just to keep it real).

No wonder I feel crappy when I don't get dressed and fix myself up a little...I'm a scary hag otherwise! LOL

Me and my sweet girl!

9 comments: said...

Oh my gosh you are off to a wonderful start!
Your home looks wonderful and so do you!
What a little lipstick does for our smiles is amazing!

momstheword said...

Good for you! You will love returning home to those spots of order.

Back in my slob days (see "Conquering the Messies" link on my left sidebar) I used to go visit my sister in law and brother.

Whenever we came home I always felt sort of discouraged and down. One time it dawned on me that it was because my sil's house was so neat, and coming home to my own messy disaster made me feel bad!

You will conquer this, you can do it, and you will never go back to your old way of living.

I've had moments where my home has gotten messy but I have never gone back to the messy pigpen that it was before I began my own journey. It was pretty messy girl!

momstheword said...

Forgot to tell you that you look gorgeous! Now quit calling yourself an old hag! (Your daughter is so precious too!)

The Amusing Redhead said...

Great job!!!

You look great and so does your home :-)

Elaine said...

Good grief,Angie! What a great start! You look beautiful, and that red lipstick! Keep up all this amazing work!!

Darcie said...

You go girl! All your house work looked great, and you are going to be so excited to come home! Totally agree with that stove top..we had one of those and it is a lot more work to get that to shine then it is to get the sink to shine.

Doing great Angie...and looking just as good. :-)

Angie said...

I'm so proud of you! You are already very inspiring to me. I am going upstairs and clean something right after I get off this computer. I think you look beautiful. I don't even go to my mailbox without make-up. Hope you have a wonderful visit with your family & keep up the good work.

Heather said...

It looks fantastic! My house hasn't looked so good in, er...well, I forget.

Also, I think you and G are both adorable!

Michelle said...

I'm so proud of you!!! You have a beautiful kitchen, I would love to have that much counter space!!!