Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I've Got One...A New Habit

I just realized that I've developed a habit...and not a bad habit either. A good, productive, helpful one!

I have realized (by griping at my husband for not doing this) that I've gotten in the habit of taking something and putting it away every time I get up off the couch. Yay me!

Now, this may not seem like a lot to you, but this one habit has kept my living room from turning into a complete dumping ground! It's where we do everything! And you know that the room you spend the most time in gets the most love...messy love.

We have a sectional with a chaise. EVERYTHING piles up on the chaise. No one sits on it, it's used for a myriad of other things. It's my table for feeding the baby (and myself), the place where I hide the remote, my desk and workstation (the computer sits here), and my coffee table (where I sit my drinks). So, as you can imagine, things pile up here. Especially dishes, soda cans, tissues, books, paper, pens, clothes and a million other things. And usually, it just piles up. But for the past few weeks I've been taking something with me every single time I get up from the couch. Whether it be a dish, trash, dirty clothes, toys or whatever. And it works! I'm so excited that I'm actually sticking with something!

The sectional and living room stay relatively clutter free because I just do a little at a time. Makes me wonder what other things I could do a little at time. Hmmm? Laundry, decluttering, dishes, cleaning....there's probably a million things. But for now, I'm satisfied that I've developed this ONE.


Darcie said...

That's the kind of habit we all need! Nice to know there are good habits as well as bad. I will stick with the good ones...glad you are too!

~Tami said...

Yay, Angie! That is a huge accomplishment!

Shea said...

That's a good habit that I need to get. Did you all get a good snow? It is so pretty here in K-town. It's going to be super slippery tomorrow morning b/c we got a lot of rain/sleet mix on top of about 3 inches of snow.