Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Husband is Amazing

This is a little addendum to yesterday's post...I feel bad for putting my husband down...he certainly doesn't deserve it. So, let me make something clear, because I was indeed aggravated last night and pretty much whining and venting, but


The few clothes of his I WAS folding, I must've picked up and washed by accident. I was aggravated because I was sitting there for a long time, and he didn't offer to help. But then, I thought of all the times he's walked in from working a 16 hour day to see me, still undressed, house a mess, nothing fixed for dinner, plastered to the couch, and I've seen his countenance sink because I didn't put forth any effort for him.

If I gave anyone the impression that my husband doesn't help me around the house or with our baby, please let me set it right...he's AMAZING to me!


nancy said...

Hi Angie,
I'm sorry, it wasn't my intention to put your husband down. It did sound like he wasn't helping, but it must have been just that night, and as you said, he had worked for 16 hours. He sounds like a great man, and it certainly doesn't hurt that he looks like Brad Pitt, either. :) said...

aww angie! you were upset and it is okay and never once did i think bad about your hubby!
this is a tough road to go down but you are doing great!!! really!

Angie said...

No, quite the opposite Nancy. Thank you for your comment, it really did remind me of all the times he DOES help out and that I don't give him enough credit. Actually, when I left the house this evening to go to church (he babysat for me), I left in a huff and was arguing with him for stupid reasons. When I returned, he had done a gigantic project for me in our bedroom (he cleaned it basically) and I just cried because it was so sweet and unexpected.

And just let me tell made both of our days by saying he looks like Brad Pitt! That was too cool!

Sounds like we both have awesome fellas!

Shea said...

I never thought Bobby was a bad husband. From the little I do know about him he is Awesome. How sweet of him to do what he did for you today too.

Darcie said...

It is such a wonderful thing when we step back and really realize just all our spouses do for us. It works both ways. Marriage is not 50-50, it is 100-100. When we both do that then we will never feel like the other one is not doing enough. I had better get to work...if you know what I mean. :-)

Denise said...

I HATE laundry too! I always feel like I can never catch up! I guess it comes with the territory though! I just started reading your blog today and i can so realte to you! We have a lot in common and our goals are very similar. Keep your chin up!! I will keep checking in with you. I am also wanting to write a blog, I am stuck at what to write for the first post! What was your first post?

Rebecca said...


You are so brave for sharing the things you share!

I've subscribed to this blog through Google Reader. I'll subscribe to the others after this comment.

Angie, where was your timer? I understand your little one was probably sleeping so you couldn't put away her clothes, but you could have your own. Don't do this to yourself again when you face such a pile. Fold for fifteen minutes, then put all the folded items away. Fold for another fifteen minutes after that. I know you get the FlyLady emails. The timer is our friend in 2010!

Even though most of your readers know Bobby, I agree that it was very important to set the record straight. We all get frustrated with our men. My husband also works long hours, and I also find myself saying, "Why isn't he helping me?!" but when I think about it, he helps in so many thoughtful and considerate ways. Last Saturday he let me leave for several hours so I could enjoy being by myself because he knew I needed it. The only time he gets to be by himself is when he's driving to and from work!

Keep sharing. You are definitely helping me.


momstheword said...

You know I've mentioned on my blog before about how I used to be such a slob and how our home was always a mess.

But there will always be messes to clean (as you can tell by the pictures I posted of my messy kitchen yesterday).

The difference is that in my messy days, I would have let a mess sit like that for days and days, maybe even a week. My kitchen was rarely cleaned up. Now, it's clean pretty much every night as I clean it after every meal.

I still have my moments of frustration when I am trying to keep things picked up and somebody leaves something out.

My family is pretty good about keeping things picked up, but occasionally the kids will leave a bag of chips or a pop can out.

I don't like it because then the next day if they do it again, and then pretty soon it's just a big mess.

We both have awesome husbands!

~Tami said...

Angie, I couldn't find an email address on your profile. You won a giveaway on my blog. Please contact me promptly.