Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Change and How to Gauge Computer Time

We rolled into town from a visit with my family around 8pm. I was FREEZING! I complained about the cold all weekend, and when we walked into our house, it was freezing as well! But we ate, unpacked, got the baby ready for bed and warmed up a bit.

Well, I realized that we were out of trash bags and dish detergent and that I needed those leeks to make my broth, etc, etc. So I put on a coat and sucked it up because I knew I had to go to the store...blah.

So, I get to the store and find that they do not have leeks...WHAT?! No leeks? But I always see leeks in the produce department. Granted I've only bought leeks once my whole life, but when I DID want them, a whole bunch of them, they were no where to be found! Double blah!

So again, my fasting plans were about to change. It feels like I have some sort of enemy who's sabotaging my plans to get closer to the Lord (duh...wonder who that could be?). So as I was perusing the produce aisle, I just decided not to stress about not being able to make a leek broth, but to just do a juice and water fast instead.

I bought some of my favorite juices and distilled water and I'm going to start today anyway. So, "Ha ha enemy!" Whose plans were thwarted? Not mine!

But I've been sitting here, sipping my juice and typing for 40 minutes now. I really need to decide when is the best time in my schedule to work on the computer? Flylady suggests that you should use computer time as a reward after you've completed all of your morning routines. I think that's a great idea...but I have a bad habit of just jumping on right when I get up and staying on for a couple of hours. By the time noon rolls around, I find that I haven't done anything to the house and haven't even gotten dressed. And while this blog is definitely serving to keep me accountable (I'm already feeling it). I don't want the time I spend writing it to interfere with making real changes in my life. Just another glitch that I have to iron out.

When do you get on the computer? Do you give yourself a set time every day? Are you logging on throughout the day? Do you get on in the morning or at night? Please share what you do or any suggestions you may have.

3 comments: said...

Hey Angie!
Sorry about the leeks!
But you are so right in not letting anyone or anything stop you!
I am proud of you!

As for computer time I have been timing myself for 10 minutes with a kitchen timer and it has been working for me. I then do 30 minutes of tasks... of course I go back to work tomorrow so my time will be limited again which is okay because I can become obsessed!
Computer time is such a time a great time waster for me... but so rewarding too!
I don't know... and I look forward to what others think too!
Good luck today with the fast

The Amusing Redhead said...

I will be watching these comments as I am trying to find out the same thing :-)

Darcie said...

Ahhh...the computer! It can be an instrument for the good and for the bad, can't it? I give my self slotted amounts of time. 30 minutes here and there, or sometimes just 15 minutes. I set the time on the microwave so that I have to get up and turn it off. I then give myself certain chores and only once those are done do I allow myself to get back on...but timed again. The only time I don't time myself is if I am writing a post. It seems to work for my most days.