Thursday, January 7, 2010

Burst of Unexpected Energy

I got this strange burst of energy at like 5 pm last night and just started putting away the Christmas stuff that had been lying around (remember, I had also made curtains...what the heck got into me?).

Once I started, it only took about an hour to get everything packed away (now its sitting in the sun room awaiting my husband to carry it out to the storage building, but at least it's up off the floor!).

My husband smiled as soon as he walked through the door and said, "The house looks nice." I felt so bad for him having to look at that crap every day after a hard day at work. But it's done now, so yay me (us)! Here are some before and afters.


So much stuff on this floor you couldn't even move around!

Ahhh, clean!

A clean floor...nice.

A cleared off table.

So there...that wasn't so bad.


kykathy said...

Looks so pretty! I got my Christmas decorations down right after Christmas, glad I did, because I had to carry all the stuff down a hill in my backyard to the storage building, and it's alot colder now!Feels good to have it done! Now if only I could get your burst of energy going to get the house all clean!

SiriuslyNLuv said...

Awesome job, Angie! Your home is so beautiful, and you did a great job blessing it. LOL I hope you have a beautiful day! said...

way to go angie!
you are on a roll~
i find too that my huby loves when everything is cleaned up and he does comment too! if not for us then maybe for them? i don't know but i do you know that you are doing great and looks like you are feeling better too!

Darcie said...

Angie...seriously amazing! Seriously!!! I think that is what drives me sometimes too...knowing my husband has worked hard all day, and how much it must mean to him to come home to a clean house.

Gold star for you today, my friend!!!

Former Donut Junkie said...

You did good!