Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Little Project Perks Me Up!

Nothing like a project for beating the sahmbie blues!

(I'm also including this post on my other blog, "Happily Home.")

I looked at the big mess in my dining area (Christmas stuff still not put away) and saw that big pile of cut up curtains I started to work on like 3 weeks ago. I was sad because yet again I had put off doing something that I started (blah).

But I decided that I had to start on something, it all had to get done eventually, so I chose to work on the curtains (probably not my husband's first choice...he looks at that pile of Christmas stuff everyday when he comes in from work and just sighs).

See the the old ones here?

I had a lot of trouble finding curtains when I moved. The only pattern and colors I found that I liked were these red striped tab tops from Walmart. But they still weren't just right because they were too long and got bunched up behind the couch. I wanted something that didn't darken my living room so much and were shorter. So, I started cutting on the ones I had...and then put it down for 3 weeks. lol

I don't have a sewing machine, so I've always used Stitch Witchery or Heat and Bond for making hems and cleaning up frayed edges. So today, I got out my ironing board, my Heat and Bond tape, the scissors and the curtains and just started.

I got one panel done and realized that it was completely wrong (I had tried to cut a mirror image, but had the fabric turned the wrong way, so I had two diagonal panels that were exactly the same...ughh)! I was about to throw in the towel but decided to try to work with it. Once I worked with the side pieces and got them right, I realized the center pieces were way shorter than I had envisioned. But I hung them up anyway to sort of get a feel for where I needed to make additional alterations. But to my amazement, when I got them all up together, it didn't look half bad! I actually really liked them!

My child has broken the mini-blinds in several places. lol
I think it's time for some new ones.

See the Christmas tree still up?

And I still wish the middle panels were longer, but I can live with them the way they are. They don't look too bad in person.

So project down, putting away the Christmas stuff to go.


The Amusing Redhead said...

Your curtains look great! There is nothing like accomplishing a little project to encourage me. said...

They look AWESOME!!! You should be so proud of them!
Russian Orthodox celebrate Christmas this Friday so you are just fine leaving the tree up in fact my hubby was mad at me for taking ours down when I did. We normally don't take it down until after then.
But anyway you made a great step by making the curtains... I just know you will be okay!

Darcie said...

They look great...that's something to be MORE than proud of. A visual reminder that you are moving forward.

Angela said...

Hey Angie!

Your new curtains look great! I would have never thought about making curtains without a sewing machine.

My little boy used to swing off of the curtains in my dining room. I have bought so many new rods for that room it's not even funny! The last time I bought several of them so I wouldn't have to go back. I got lucky and that was the last time he did it and I have spare rods if I should ever need them.


Heather said...

I love them! Gorgeous colors. I'm so impressed that you accomplished that with Heat & Bond!

We DO have a sewing machine, but I'm so hopeless with sewing. It's sad. Thank God for my husband and his bachelor survival class, or we'd never get anything mended or hemmed around here.

Michelle said...

I love it!! You did an amazing job, I can't believe you did all this without a sewing machine, fantastic!