Wednesday, January 13, 2010

In a Fog

Hi everyone. I happened to look at this blog last night and realized that I hadn't posted anything since the episode with the laundry on Saturday. Sorry about that.

I feel like I've been in a fog this week. I feel very unmotivated, tired, have been forgetting things, have been sleeping (a lot) and have just felt, well, like a sahmbie (you still know what this means, right? stay-at-home-mom zombie).

This is not unnatural for me. This is how I am. So changing it, getting out of those habits will be the hard part. I have a feeling, at least here at first, that I'll have more days of being a zombie mom than that upbeat, motivated, up and ready to go woman that I'm trying to be. But one thing that is being made more and more clear, especially by so many of you, is that these are really just bad habits that can be changed with some diligence, over time. So many of you have emailed me or have commented saying that you were once in my shoes, feeling lost, unmotivated, uninspired and basically a mess...but you got out of it. It's that hope, that I can join the ranks of those who've overcome the doldrums of being a sahm, that keep me going and moving forward. I can do this.

And I'm going to start by marching into the bathroom and brushing my teeth. I kind of don't want to because I haven't eaten yet. But, I'm going to wash my face, put on some deodorant, brush my teeth, comb my hair, put on some clothes and get my day started. I don't know what will come next, but at least I will have done something for myself and my personal hygiene (LOL). Hopefully those few steps in the right direction will lead to more good things around here.


Darcie said...

You said it steps, but just keep them moving in the right direction...forward.

Winter can be a challenging time regardless so keep it up girl!

The Amusing Redhead said...

Keep trucking Angie!

Thank you so much for the Christmas CD, we love it.
Your voice is majestic! My son was so excited to hear Charlie Brown on it :-) You are beautiful and talented.

momstheword said...

I always have to brush my teeth first thing in the morning. I can't stand the thought of eating unless I've brushed them first.