Friday, January 15, 2010

Sad or Saucy?

This post sort of ties in with yesterday's (does yesterday show ownership, hence using an apostrophe? I'm not sure? LOL) I talked about whether it was important or not to dress up to look cute just to stay at home. I came to the conclusion that yes, getting dressed, neatly fixing your hair, brushing your teeth and moisturizing your face and lips is important. After reading a lot of your comments, I also feel like it's a good thing to maybe dab on some lipstick or fluff up my hair before my man comes home. After all, he's had a hard day already, why should he have to come home to Brunhilde? I'll try these things in the days to come and let you know how it goes. My hubby had to work late tonight, so I've had some extra time to spruce up the house, making sure everything is neat. I sat out his favorite Chai tea to have ready when he gets home and I even turned on the hot tub and laid out some towels. Oh yes...I can be awesome when I want to be!

But there are more days than not, that I just cannot pull it together. I feel frumpy, sad, boring, and just not fun to be around. Sometimes I feel like I've completely lost is my saucy, fun, girlie side. I used to laugh...a lot. Just ask any of my girlfriends. I used to be the crazy one of the group who would do or say almost anything and was always acting silly.

My friend Kim, who I twirled with (I was a majorette) in high school recently said this on facebook, talking about this pic of my big hair! And I also included a pic of us girls at majorette camp.

Yup, I remember THIS Angie...oh the cans of hairspray we went through in the bathroom before the basketball games! I remember April teasin' Tonya's hair to Jesus on the bus...and I can still smell the Aussie:) Oh and I remember everyone saying, "Oh man, Angie's gonna start singin' as soon as we get on the bus," and of course, she did. Who knew we would actually like the sound of her singing 15 years later?! She always had an amazing voice, and we kept trying to get her to shut up! OK, one last walk down memory lane: I remember walking into the band room and Angie was in there, by herself, singing the National Anthem. I didn't tell her then, but I remember thinking, "Wow, she can REALLY sing!" Oh, and her laugh...she would laugh until she cried, and I think I figured out where Gabby got her Peppa Pig snort from:)

And I think...God, where did that girl go? I liked her. She was so fun and warm. She enjoyed life. Where did she go?

This Angie doesn't feel much like laughing, kidding around or doing anything that makes her feel girlie or fun. I feel like a big ol' sad, slob. No where near cute. But really, I'm a big girlie-girl. I love perfume and make-up, like to curl my hair and paint my nails. This is also one of the things my husband loves about me.

So, I've decided to list a few things that make me feel good and smile. I'm going to take it slow and incorporate all of these things into my life eventually. But for now, I'm just going to pick a couple to try to work on doing to make me feel good. I need these little things to help me stay motivated so that doing the hard stuff won't seem so bad. In my weekly schedule, I've deemed Saturday night, "beautification" night, where I'll condition my hair or apply a mask, moisturize or paint my nails...whatever.

Favorite, Fun, Girlie Things

Wearing make-up
Curling my hair
Wearing pearls
Painting my nails
Dove Chocolates
Nice underwear
Dangling earrings
Red Lipstick
Wearing heels
Wearing my Tiffany bracelet
My big diamond ring (the setting needs fixed)
Having lunch with girlfriends
Telling jokes
Laughing out loud
A great face mask
A healthy fruit smoothie
Chick flicks
Strappy sandals
A great dress
Getting dressed up
A great date with my man
Rockin' out to some 80's music

4 comments: said...

Me tooooo... I loved all these things too and somehow STOPPED. I can remember putting on a mask at least 3 times a week... getting my haircut every 6 weeks... trying different styles and using a TON of hairspray... oh and makeup... yep I loved that too!! I stopped... don't know why but I did too.
Are you sure you are not my long lost sister???
But really so many women these days get married and or have children and forget themselves. We need to start remembering ourselves!!
Good for you Angie!!!
Oh and mind if I borrow some of your ideas for my I Love Me box???

Michelle said...

I love your list!!!

Shea said...

I love being girly too. I've recently wondered where my hair fixin talent went. In high school I could "Do" some hair, but now I don't know what's wrong with me, but I sometimes don't even do anything to it. I know it just looks horrible. I Love it though when I fix it and it looks great. Most of the time that's not the case.

Christina said...

Angie, thank you so much for posting your list. I love it! Granted, I'm not really girly, but I know that there are some great tips on there that I can incorporate into my routine as well. It's hard to find motivation to fix ourselves up daily. As big as I am, I sometimes think, "Why bother?". But the truth is that I should bother because A) it will make me feel better about me and B) my husband loves it when I do. LOL And I remember that girl in the pictures. Yes, she was fun and warm. And though it may be hard to find her sometimes, she is still there inside you just waiting to stretch her wings. So tomorrow, tease that hair up a bit and put on some really great lipstick for old times' sake. And then smile--because you can. :0) HUGS!!!