Saturday, April 10, 2010

Come Hell or High Water!!!

I'm going to make a plan and stick to it! I'm setting a couple of diet and exercise goals this week and failure is not an option!!! I'm gonna give this a week to see how it goes. If I don't like the plan, then I'll tweak it, but I will do this for 6 matter what.

Let me start off by giving ya'll a little update because I've been totally blowing my journaling efforts. We're 4 months into this thing and weight wise, I'm exactly where I was when I started on January one. Exercise...nada. Housekeeping...some improvement. Personal hygiene (teeth brushing, hair combing, getting dressed, taking a shower)...a GREAT improvement. Meeting personal interest and business goals...Great improvement. A light at the end of the sahmbie tunnel? Yes, definitely! We're not out of the woods yet, but January 2011 is still a ways away, and I'm not giving up without a fight!!!! I'm feeling good about some things that were bringing me down, and my attitude is sooooo much better. I feel your prayers!

Ok, on to the diet plan for the week.

I'm pretending to be on the Nutrisystem plan!!! LOL Sans the expensive start up costs! I had a close friend who did Nutrisystem for a little while with some success, but said that you didn't get as much food as you would think. You still have to provide your own fresh fruits and veggies and some bread products. So, I thought, I'm gonna pretend that my fridge is stocked with special prepackaged meals and snacks that I paid an arm and a leg for and restrict myself to eating those for a week! But instead of having a nutritionist put all this together for me, I'm going to use the Weight Watchers point system to keep myself on track. Brilliant plan huh?

For breakfast- I'm going to eat an egg and whole wheat toast w/ a little Brummel and Brown or a Slim Fast Shake

Midmorning Snack-piece of fresh fruit

Lunch-Small garden salad and a Smart One or Lean Cuisine Meal

Midafternoon Snack-Not sure

Dinner-Small garden salad and a Smart One or Lean Cuisine Meal

Evening Snack-Air popped popcorn (old my grandmother used to make! LOL)

Exercise-30 minutes of something...walking, stationary bike, aerobics DVD

The reason I'm doing my pretend Nutrisystem diet and buying a lot of prepackaged stuff is because these people have done the work for us. I mean, Slim Fasts are protein shakes with lots of vitamins and minerals, those prepackaged frozen dinners are low in fat, low in calories, balanced meals (I love this because I HATE figuring out all that mess) and of course, adding in fresh fruits and vegetables is just good for you and filling.

This time next week, I'll let you know how it all went down and how much I spent on the food.

I'm ready!!!!

A pic of me taking a pic of myself. LOL Oh my...I'm looking more and more like my mom!

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