Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 2 and Doing Great!!!

Goal 39-44 points

Special K Cereal w/Strawberries & 1 cup of skim milk, 6points

Snack: none

Lunch: Lean Cuisine Chicken Spinach and Mushroom Panini (divine!) 6points, garden salad w/lite rasberry vinaigrette 2points, Diet Coke

Snack: Slim Fast Shake 3points, Cream cheese and crackers 6points

Dinner: Frozen Entree 4points, baked potato with Brummel and Brown butter 6points

Snack: Smart Ones Strawberry Shortcake 4points

Exercise: Walking 20 minutes

Total Points: 37! I did it again! I came under 39 again today. I'm finding that around mid afternoon, I've only used like half my points and need a whole lot more, so I start trying to add snacks to accumulate points. I'm not eating just to be eating though...I do feel a little hungry....so I eat!

And can I just say that I'm totally loving not cooking. Tonight, my hubby even made his own dinner...burgers on the grill. It's working well so far.

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