Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Pretend Nutrisystem Plan

I went grocery shopping today and am happy to say that my fridge is all stocked up with fresh fruits and veggies, Slim Fast shakes, bottled water and Diet Cokes. My freezer is packed to the hilt with frozen entrees and my pantry is full of low fat snacks and healthy breads. There's no way I can fail this week (unless I decide in a panic to hop in my car and make a run for the nearest KFC! LOL)!

I know a lot of you probably disagree with my "pretend Nutrisystem" plan and with purchasing all these "diet foods." But in all honesty, I'm just tired of trying to figure it all out right now. I don't want to measure or count or THINK! Trust me, I have educated myself over the years on nutrition and fitness. I'm no expert, but I'm no dummy either. I know I could cook all this stuff myself and probably save some money in the process. But I just don't want to right now. I'm trying to make this as easy as possible so I can hopefully get in the habit of eating small portions and lighter meals. And what could be easier than popping a low fat dinner in the microwave, preparing a nice green salad in those 3 minutes and cracking open a bottle of water? Um, not much! LOL I mean, these folks have done all the counting, measuring and even the cooking for me, all I have to do is follow it for a consistent amount of time and I should lose weight. So, I'm giving this a week, and if I like it, I'll do it another week and maybe another and another.

There's probably like 20 frozen dinners in there.

Have you ever had these Smart Ones Desserts??? They're AMAZING!!! I'd rather have one of these than a big tub of Ben and Jerry's! Seriously!

Lots of drinks.....

Lots of fruits and veggies...still in the grocery bags. Yeah...I'm not very organized.

Whole grain bread and Special K with Strawberries (I LOVE that cereal!)

In other news, I mentioned in yesterday's post that I'm making some strides in my housekeeping efforts. I'm trying to get little things done here and there and am doing a little bit of multitasking to complete different tasks. Everyone says it, but doing a little bit at a time, doing your work in small, manageable blocks, really does work. I'm doing better. Not super great, but better.

I'll keep you updated this week.

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Darcie said...

Looks like a solid plan to me. I don't think any of us can knock it, if that is what works for you. Happy eating my dear!