Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 5 and Still Alive!!!!

Goal 29-34!!!! I messed up the points. This is what a really get, not 39-44. Ooopsie! LOL But looking back over the week I saw that I was still in range every day except two.


Snack: none

Lunch: (Ate out at a Mexican restaurant w/ my hubby) Chicken Taquitos w. rice (I only ate half of it) 10points, chips and salsa 7points, water w. lemon and Diet Coke

Special K snack bar 2points, 2 KFC chicken legs, 6points

Dinner: Healthy Choice Dinner 4points, Diet Coke

Snack: beef jerky 2points, Smart Ones Dessert 3points

Total: 34!!!! YAY! I made some poor choices today, but still didn't overdo it!

Exercise:none (this is soooo hard to do)

1 comment:

Tami Q. said...

Hello! You made me chuckle with last week's post. No, I wasn't laughing at you...just laughing because I find myself in the same boat.

We can do this! My motivation is great enough lately that I've been eating less and have been walking and exercising.

Keep in touch! We'll get there!