Monday, February 8, 2010

An Acceptable Beverage

I'll never forget a light bulb moment I had many years ago, back in 1998, during my first year as a Head Start teacher. I remember sitting through hours and hours of boring trainings (and continued to sit through those same trainings for 4 years...blah) and not really looking forward to the one on their food and nutrition program. But the guy who was in charge of it said something during his shpeel, that has stuck with me these many years. He talked about cutting back on juices and milk and teaching the kids to drink water as an acceptable beverage. A what? Water is a what? What a concept...drinking water in place of other beverages because it's just as acceptable. Hmmm? What a concept! Going to a restaurant and having a glass of water with your meal because it's acceptable, having a glass of water when you're thirsty as opposed to a big bottle of Coke, or glass of juice, because it's acceptable! Wow!

As a child we NEVER had water as a beverage choice with our meals. Sure, it was always right there in the tap, but no one drank water for water's sake. It was always used for making coffee (which my parents drink all day), making a pitcher of Kool-Aid or lemonade, or we just drank soda. So, I never learned this concept either! Now as an adult, it's like the water has to be special before I'll drink it. It has to be in a plastic bottle and also has to be certain brands (Dasani is my fave) before I think it's "acceptable" to drink. But that's just silly and a little pretentious. Isn't it?

So anyway, as I'm trying to cut back on the Cokes, this light bulb moment came to my remembrance and shook me again. I can have water as an acceptable beverage with any meal, any time, and it's not weird! As a matter of fact, I had some this evening after eating an apple for a snack. I just didn't want a Coke after eating that nice tart apple. I wanted WATER! So, I went in the kitchen, put some ice in a glass and turned on the tap. It was perfect! Acceptable! And I'm going to do it more often!


Darcie said...

That was all I was raised drinking, husband, juice! When we got married I started drinking juice along with him. I could not believe it when I started gaining weight and not realizing why. We are pretty much a water family now...we have a cup of coffee in the morning, a juice box for the kids lunch, soda only for when we have pizza, and the rest of the time...water. We love it and it is so important for our body. Here is to water!!!

Ruth said...

I grew up near Knoxville. when I was a little girl, we sometimes had popcorn in the evening for a snack. And all I wanted was ice water to drink. It was like to popcorn triggered a desire for water, both physically and mentally. And as you modify your eating habits, your body will learn to desire good foods. I cut out white sugar a few years ago. My body adapted, and I was mad about it. I wanted a cookie, but if I actually ate one or two or three, I became nauseous. It was too much sugar.