Saturday, August 7, 2010

16 Months to Hawaii!

Hey guys! I'm still here! I haven't even been on this blog in over a month and was sad to find that my cute pink and black blog template from "The Cutest Blog on the Block" had disappeared. SAD! I just do not feel like, nor do I have the energy to design another, so the plain template will just have to do for a while. Oh well....

So on to an update for you. I'm down about 5 lbs and have remained there pretty effortlessly for many weeks now. Again, not sure what I've done differently, but I'm not complaining. My sweet dad came for a visit this weekend and FINALLY hooked up the ice maker and water dispenser on my side by side fridge! Just having ice and cold water has been so nice and has encouraged me to drink MORE of it! That's got to be a good thing and will definitely contribute to my weight loss efforts.

My business, SendOutCards is saving my life in so many ways! I really just need to do a whole blog post on just how, but the best and most fulfilling reason is that I never knew how much sending cards and actually giving of myself on a daily basis would do for my sense of self worth ("...for it is better to give than to receive."). I believe that it's incredibly important that if someone comes to my mind, that it's a real tragedy if I don't reach out to them. I've always believed this, but now that I have this card sending system it's just too easy not to follow through with those promptings. And if ya'll know anything about me from reading this blog, following through is one of my struggles. I can't put into adequate words how it feels to be able to follow through 98% of the time! It feels INCREDIBLE!!!! Not only do I feel good, but I'm BUSY. That in and of itself has been a blessing. I've made it a goal to meet new people (I am a networker after all). This of course gets me out of the house and gives me a reason to shower, dress, put on some make-up, do my hair, etc. I've also joined a networking group. The president of the group really went out of his way to help me connect with a stay at home mom who agreed to watch my daughter for an hour and half every Tuesday morning so that I could attend. So, this has been REALLY fun! I get to talk to adults and be professional...something this sahmbie has missed quite a bit.

So guys, I'm feeling pretty positive and things are looking up!

So on to the title of this post....

Mine and my hubby's 15 year anniversary is in 16 months and 14 days! (wow, time flies!)
My dream would be to spend that milestone anniversary in Hawaii! Doesn't that sound amazing?! It would be a big deal for us and seems like a pretty lofty goal.

#1. It's a VERY expensive trip! An extavagance that a family living on one modest income doesn't usually think about indulging in.
But I figure that surely we could save up a couple thousand dollars in 16 months. There are always deals out there, my job would be to just keep an eye out for them in the meantime.

#2. I just WILL NOT show up in Hawaii at 280 lbs! I want to be able to enjoy myself in paradise without constantly tugging at my large, 3x shirt feeling like a big ol' whale and being self conscious the whole time! I've spent too many great vacations on beautiful beaches feeling miserable. So sad and such a waste. So, I was thinking that if the trip would be in 16 months, it would give me plenty of time to get in shape and beach ready....the right way! One of my big fears is losing a lot of weight really fast and then having all that sagging skin. If it took me the whole 16 months, surely I would avoid that...right? Have any of you ever lost weight over a long period of time? In what condition was your skin after you reached your goal? Do you have any advice for keeping it taught? It's something I've always wondered about. With that said, I know weight lifting will be important to build up my muscles so that the skin won't sag quite as much (this kind of grosses me out to talk about).
Anyway...just trying to read up right now on a good exercise and diet plan for slow, long term weight loss. Still, my favorite story (and an example of a GREAT BOD after slow weight loss) is Chantel Hobb's Never Say Diet. I encourage everyone I talk to to read it! I may just have to go back and reread it myself! I mean, I DO want to look hot in a bathing suit. But you know, it's been so long that even saying that seems so OUT THERE! But I have to believe it's possible.


Teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini! Only in my dreams...but who knows?

The one piece...more my style!

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momstheword said...

Hawaii is so beautiful!

You're right, you can save up. It takes us about four years to save up for a Florida trip for the four of us (we usually go for two weeks).