Sunday, June 6, 2010


Lately the verse from Matthew 6:33..."But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you" has been replaying over and over in my mind, which leads me to believe that the Lord is trying to tell me something. Ya think?

So, I've been getting up a little earlier so that I can spend some uninterrupted time with Jesus in the mornings. And I'm really loving it! I absolutely HATE getting up early, but these times with Him have been so sweet that I actually look forward to it! I sing to him, I read the Word, I pray, I talk to Him and just, "hang out."

And the miraculous thing is ya'll, when I come in from this time with God, I am totally PUMPED! I start cleaning, I feel like exercising, I want to eat a good breakfast.,,it's like I immediately start putting order to my day.

You'd think that if I feel this good spending time with the Lord in the mornings that it would be easy to just hop out of bed singing at 6:30 in the morning. But it's not easy. My flesh RAILS against it and wants its way...which is that nice soft pillow and those warm covers and those few more minutes to myself before the baby wakes up. But wants SELF more than God.

Ah, but He is making it sooo sweet! Knowing that I get to hang out in my back yard on my porch swing with a cup of hot tea, the sun rising at my back and a song in my heart ("Welcome Holy Spirit"), with the SON OF's irresistible.

So again, these ancient scriptures are making perfect sense in my life in 2010. If I seek Him first, all the other stuff just sort of falls into place.


Angie said...

Once again, Angie, we have so much in common! I used to absolutely live by this Scripture, it was like my motto or theme in life. Unfortunately I've gotten away from it a little, so thanks for the reminder! God bless

The Amusing Redhead said...

Amen sister!!

We have been having cheery mornings around here thanks to your Christmas CD. We have been listening every morning :-) It is 80* outside but Go Tell it on the Mountain is a song for every day isn't it?

You have a gorgeous voice.