Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Daily Schedule! FINALLY!

I'm not anywhere near where I want to be, but I'm taking baby steps...and this is a step in the right direction!

I've been tinkering with this “Daily Schedule” for a while now by actually living it out and seeing how it works and I’m liking it pretty well. So, I thought I would share it with you. Keep in mind that when you have a home-based buisness, you do not work the standard Mon-Fri, 8-5 model, so work in my business is more some days and less others, but the key is a consistent effort. So you will see that I schedule in time, but there could be more or less on any given day. And it goes without saying that when you have a toddler, ANYTHING can happen that we DON’T plan for, so I’m prepared for those days as well.

Daily Schedule, Monday-Friday

6:30-7:30- Make some tea or coffee, gather Bible, books, note pad, etc. and head out to the swing outside or out on the sun porch for time with Jesus. This is the foundation for my whole day…without it, nothing seems to go right. I’m trying to do this everyday, but must admit that it’s a struggle even though I LOVE this time with the Lord.

7:30-8:30- Baby up. Change and dress for the day. Also, hugs, kisses, songs and play time for a few minutes before we head through the house. GG watches a show while I get breakfast ready and start a load of laundry.

8:30-9:30- Eat breakfast, clear dishes and wipe down table (and child). While GG watches a show, I empty the dishwasher from the night before, start loading it up with the new day’s dishes. Lay out something for dinner. Wipe off counters and sweep floor. Put clothes into the dryer. After all that is done, then check email and social networking sites.

10:00-11:00- Change diaper, then take GG outside to play…bubbles, sidewalk chalk, slide, running around, etc. While outside, I can do a little maintenance in our flower beds and with the pool.

11:00-11:30- Come in, cool down, wash hands, get a drink, etc. GG watches a show while I get lunch ready and fold the laundry and put away.

11:30-12:00- Eat lunch, clean up, load those dishes in the dishwasher. GG and I pick up toys around the house in a tote and put them away in her room. Change GG’s diaper and put her down for a nap.

12:00-2:30- GG can take anywhere from a 90 minute nap to a 2 hour nap, so this time is very flexible. In fact, this entire schedule is flexible. With a 2 year old, it has to be. While GG naps, it’s work time for mommy. This is the time when I get on the computer, work on my site, make phone calls and do Gift Account Walkthroughs (called a GAW. If you want to send a free greeting card and have a gift account, email me). I also use this time to read positive books and work on personal development, usually outside in the sun.

2:30-4:00- GG up! Change her diaper and make her a heavy snack and something to drink. If we’re not outside swimming, then this is usually the time when I go and do errands, take GG to the library, Chik Fil-A playplace etc. to get out of the house.

4:00-5:00- Mommy TV time. I almost always watch Oprah at this time. But if it’s something really stupid, then I just piddle around the house.

5:00-6:00- Work on dinner and prepare for daddy to get home. GG and I pick up toys that are all over the floor before daddy’s arrival. It makes a difference in his day when he comes home to a clean house.

6:00-7:00- Because my husband’s work schedule is erratic at best, our dinner is never at a “set time.” But ideally, I like to eat between 6 and 7. This time again, is flexible.

7:00-7:30- Bathtime. Daddy usually gives G a bath and gets her ready for bed while I put away all the dinner stuff and load the dishwasher for the last time and turn it on. It will be unloaded in the morning.

7:30-8:00- Family time. Read a book, play, snuggle on the couch, whatever.

8:00-8:30- Mommy exercise time. Take a walk, do a video, ride stationary bike, whatever.

8:30-9:30- Do a little more site work, team trainings, GAWs, reading…work related activities.

9:30-11:00- Time with hubby. Watch tv, hop in the hot tub…just chill.

11:00 Shower, get ready for bed, watch the news. Hopefully in bed by 11:30.

NOTE: On Monday mornings I have my women’s bible study group from about 9-12. So this whole schedule is a wash on that day. We just sort of do what we want on Mondays.

Also, Thursdays are house cleaning days, which means, bathrooms, windows, dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, etc. So, the schedule is revised a bit to allow time for that as well.

The weekends are free. Daddy is home and we just chill and enjoy each other. Again, if I feel like working, then I will, but it’s not required (the beauty of owning your own business).

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