Monday, October 11, 2010

Counting Down!

As I write this there are....

81 Days
1951 Hours, &
117089 Minutes

left in the year 2010!

If that doesn't make a person want to get off their "bootay" and take care of some unfinished business, I don't know what will? Time flies doesn't it?

My brain scrambles to think of all the loose ends I need to tie up, goals I need accomplish and promises (to myself) I need to strive to keep. Most of which being the goals that are listed to the right of this post! I can say that I have a strong handle on several of them and that I feel really good about that! But some of them are still as lost a cause as they ever were! And after all these months, I can't deny that that makes me a little sad and disappointed in myself.

Here's a personal assessment and a breakdown of how I'm progressing with my goals on a 1-10 scale....

~Get (and keep) my house in order- 3
I'm still not doing great at this. This has to be the one I'm most disappointed in myself for not improving upon. I see taking care of my home as my one and only responsibility and I'm failing miserably. If I were my boss, I'd fire me!

~Lose weight-5
Some change here. I'm more conscious of what I'm doing, but not necessarily making a lot of effort to change old habits. So a 5 for this one...only giving half of an effort.

~Get in shape-2
Not following through on any exercise goals. I just seriously HATE it with all my being and find it EXTREMELY hard to get up and do it. I signed up for a 5K and could have been training now for like 4 weeks. But have I even stepped outside to at least start? NOPE! But because I try to keep my word (at least to other people) I will do the 5K even if I have to walk the whole way!

~Require more of myself (personal hygiene and appearance)-8
I have REALLY improved on this a great deal. A lot of it has to do with actually having someplace to go during the week and needing to not look like "death warmed over." But when I wrote out these goals like 10 months ago, I was only out of the house one day a week for my bible study group. But now, I'm out of the house 3 times a week for my Bible study, my networking group, and as a leader in my MOPS group. Because I'm more involved in business now, I try to keep my nails looking nice (people notice that kind of stuff!), and try to look nice when I go out because I never know who I'll run into...and I don't want them seeing me as a sad sahmbie, but as an active professional. So YAY! I've really improved on this one ya'll!

~Develop a better spiritual life-6
I'm doing ok here. I am reading a lot of books (though not consistently) and still find myself praying throughout the day. But the desire I've always had (since like, high school) to set aside time JUST for Jesus...I haven't gotten there yet. But I really want to, more than anything! I know that this is the piece of the puzzle that will make all the others fit.

~Pursue my own desires and dreams more fervently-8
Starting my business on January 25th of this year has been a serious life saver for me. Not only does it really focus on a lot of personal development and being the best you you can be, but it's all about giving to others as well. Those two things have seriously improved my view of myself. Because when you give, you get back. I get so much joy from sending cards to people and exposing them to SendOutCards. And like the Bible says, " is better to give than to receive!"
I have also learned a lot of business and networking skills, have made new friends, am starting to view myself as more of a professional, and am proud of the fact that I am not giving up on this. I'm building something for my family and our future quitting is not an option! And I don't want to quit...I'm having too much fun! I guess this has just given me the little shove I needed to just get out there...out of sahmbiedom!

So there you go...

81 Days
1951 Hours, &
117089 Minutes get this done. Being a classic "wait til the last minute" kind of person. I can see myself trying to pull this out at the 11th hour. But real, deep rooted change doesn't work that way, and I know it. Change happens when you do something one day, and then the next day, and then the next day and so on until it just becomes part of your life. 81 days is plenty of time to develop some new I best get on it!
I'll keep ya posted.....


Angie said...

sorry...not sure why my fonts are GIGANTIC! Still trying to figure out how I do that??? lol

Rebecca Burgener said...


You need a buddy! Is there someone, maybe another mom in the neighborhood, that will walk with you? Or otherwise hold you accountable?

I just recently found a blogging buddy, and that has helped me immensely.

Glad to see you are making progress. I'm looking to see more!