Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Difficult Thing...1of 90

I still don't feel like sharing yet, why I'm continuing this blog for a few more weeks. I'm just going to walk out some of the things I've promised myself that I'm going to do. I'm not very good at keeping promises to myself, but I'm going to try my best.

Some of which are getting up earlier, having a quiet time in the morning with God, and not turning the computer on until I've gotten some important things done around the house. Below is an email I sent to a friend this morning who is going through some of the same things. If she will allow me, I will link up to her brand new blog sometime soon.

This morning. I was going to MAKE myself get up at 7, but it felt AWFUL, so I hit the snooze a million times until like 7:30. But when I did get up, I made some coffee, and started reading the Word a little, it felt good. Then at 8 Gabby was up. But I made myself take a shower and do some cleaning before I ever opened my laptop, and of course, it feels great to have a lot done.

But it's like I won't let myself feel good for more than one day. "Me time" has always been, "I'll do whatever the heck I want, and watching TV all day is my time, or taking a nap every day is "me time." But that's just a lie from Satan. It's actually selfish and prideful, and out and out laziness. I know these things, but it's so hard to change. But change isn't magic. It's doing the difficult thing every hour of every day until it's not difficult anymore.

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