Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Week From Today....

...I WILL BE 35!

Just reflecting today on how it will feel being on the downward spiral to 40 (sorry 40 somethings...I'm sure it's not as bad as I imagine). I think I'm not looking forward to it because when I imagine 40, I picture having my stuff together, ya know? Like, I should be who and what I want to be by then. I had no expectations for 30. I still very much felt like I was still learning (am still learning). But 40? I'm expecting a lot of myself.

Here are my expectations for "40-"

~Happy, healthy, vibrant marriage to my #1 guy

~To have a wonderful and growing relationship with my beautiful, healthy, well adjusted, 7 year old daughter

~To continue to be a stay-at-home mom

~To myself be at optimum health, mentally, physically and spiritually

~To have a healthy 6 figure residual income with my business

~To be a leader in my company and in this industry

~To be debt free...including our home paid for

~To be able to take care of my parents

~To be able to travel anywhere in the world whenever I want

~To have brought my husband home to work on things that interest him instead of working for the interests of others

~To be the biggest giver I know

~To have recorded an album of Christian music and be performing regularly

So 40, I hope you're ready! That's a tall order I know, but 'cha got 5 years to get it together!


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Darcie said...

If all of these were to come true for you in your 40's...I say you will enjoy the the 40's quite well. ;-) Good for you for making a list...go get it girl!